Lazise is a small town located between Sirmione and Torri del Benaco. It’s a town the old part of which is surrounded by a rather interesting fortification.
When walking along the narrow town streets you feel like you are wandering around the castle. The atmosphere in the town is not as romantic as in Malcesine but still it’s worth visiting if you have one or two free hours.

Also it is worth noting a large number of pubs and bars in the outskirts of Lazise. It was in Lazise where we faced the least pleasant thing of our trip. On one of the websites we read the information about a show of knights fighting – MEDIEVAL TIMES. The announcement promised an exciting show combined with dinner.

When we arrived to the place we saw a big crowd of dead drunk and very noisy Italians standing in a queue. Maybe any other day we would have attended the event and enjoyed it but that night we just went away and instead of the show we took a walk along the quay of the town of Garda.

Garda is a small town in honour of which the lake was named. We didn’t walk much around the town because we passed it a few times and didn’t notice anything special about it. But what deserves special attention is the quay where you can take a romantic night walk and have a glass of cocktail in one of the coast bars.

And now let’s move to Venice.

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