Abigail Stewart

I had an incredible trip thanks to Anna accurate planning and real-time assistance while I was abroad. Highly recommend!


Addison Ross

The itinerary that Jena designed for us was extremely helpful in organizing our days in the most comfortable and enjoyable way possible. Her recommendations for restaurants and gelato shops were spot-on, and we were able to easily follow the customized itinerary she created for us, complete with parking locations. We all had an amazing time exploring the stunning beauty of Italy. Thank you very much, Crystalina!


Anthony Long

We decided to fly and opened up to Crystalina 10 days before the flight. Crystalina found out exactly what we wanted and built us an incredibly accurate trip. She found accommodations that just suited us, and attractions that just suited us. And in the process we had one problem, Crystalina immediately mobilized, made phone calls and solved the problem for us from the country. For everything we received an exact link and a map, including opening hours. Thanks to Crystalina, we had a calm and flowing trip. Thank you so much, Crystalina!

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Jena Hovor

Jena Hovor

Expert France

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