Nardis Waterfall

After we left the Lake Tovel we entered the name of the village of Carisolo in our GPS. It should be taken into account that roads in the Alps stretch for miles and it will take you around 2 hours to get to the destination. First you get to the village and then start moving towards Val di Genova or Cascata di Nardis. If you do not know the direction you can ask anybody in the village about the way that leads to the waterfalls.

Cascata di Nardis - Waterfall

Cascata di Nardis – Waterfall

In a couple of kilometres of driving along an exciting mountain road we found ourselves in an amazing zoo. At the entrance the local employees will inform you about free and forbidden places to drive in. Like on the Lake Tovel you have to pay the entrance fee of about 5 euro.

After we got necessary instructions we made our way along a spectacularly beautiful river towards the mountains. On our way we saw a few small waterfalls and thought that we made a two-hour trip just for nothing. But the very moment a real waterfall burst upon our view all doubts immediately faded away!

Nardis waterfall is the second waterfall in Italy in size

Nardis waterfall is the second waterfall in Italy in size

Frankly speaking we didn’t see many waterfalls in our life and we can hardly compare. But as for the Nardis waterfall which is considered to be the second waterfall in Italy in size we can say for sure that it’s a huge and very beautiful waterfall which impresses with its power and majesty. The half-hour we spent near it will sear itself into our memories for a long time.

And one more thing: during the whole trip the nature at the zoo reminded us movies from National Geographic about Alaska. Do you see any resemblance?

Val di Genova

Val di Genova

The same day at night we set off for the neighboring town of Malcesine.

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