North Italy

North Italy is an amazingly beautiful region.

You can see hundreds of most beautiful places in Northern Italy.

North Italy is a region that offers the widest range of tourism opportunities.

North Italy is amazingly beautiful lakes Garda and Maggiore.

North Italy is the city of Venice and the Alps.

North Italy is the city of Milan and a unique atmosphere of Italian villages.

Cinque Terre National Park

Cinque Terre National Park

When creating our website we were quite aware that the Internet contains a lot of good and useful information about Northern Italy.

Nevertheless we tried to create the website in a way that it would become your guide to Northern Italy. On our website you will find both daily fixed routes and specific tips that will help you during your long expected tour to Northern Italy.

We noticed that on Internet you can find very few information about some amazingly beautiful places we visited. We hope that our website will interest you and you will want to visit these places.

Italy Alps

Italy Alps

Besides our route around Italy and a story about tourist attractions and sights we visited in these places we tried to put as much useful information and various tips as possible on the website “Northern Italy”. We put e.g. tips for car rental or local road traffic regulations. Information about a few simple regulations and signs can help you save your money and nerves.

On our website you will also find numerous tips for selection of hotels. Northern Italy offers the widest choice of hotels. I hope my tips will help you save money and a hotel selection will become an easy, convenient and interesting affair.

Before starting the story we would like you to get acquainted with us and with our website (and also with a review form).

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