Monkey Forest

This is a small park in the north of Israel near the town of Karmiel in the village Yodfat (Yodfat, יודפת).

Its main attraction is the large enclosure, a stylized forest, where monkeys freely walk about. And the visitors can hand feed them. It is allowed to feed monkeys only with worms or with mix of grains which are selling here. As a rule, monkeys prefer worms.

It happens sometimes, that a few monkeys jump on a man with the glass of worms. From such “joy” and fear he loses the glass. Monkeys got the food, the “client”- impressions. That’s called “win-win”. But from the nuts they often refuse.

Monkey in the forest

Monkey in the forest

Besides the “Monkey Forest” in the park there are several small lakes with ducks. Peacocks, ducks and chicken are also free to walk in the park.

Peacock in Monkey forest

Peacock in Monkey forest

There are some places for children, where they can pet rabbits, goats and sheep. There are also cages with ponies, goats and other domestic animals.

Another attraction is an enclosure with a freely walking bevy of Bambi-deer.


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Working hours – 9-00-20-00

Friday – 9-00-17-00

Saturday – 9-00-18-00

The cost of entry:

Adults – 30 shekels.

Children under 3 years – free of charge.

Children more than 3 years- 30 shekels.

Retiree – 25 shekels.

Yaar Kofim – “Monkey Forest” – will give you and your children a lot of positive emotions.

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