Car Rental in Israel

In Israel, as well as in all countries it is possible to travel differently.

Many people prefer to travel in groups with a guide. I can understand these people, but this site was created for those who loves and wants to travel independently.

Probably, the best way for independent travelling is the car. Yes, in Israel there is also a public transport, but my personal opinion – the car gives a big number of various opportunities. With a car, you can not only visit the main sights of Israel in the major cities, but also places distant from the main tourist routes. They are no less interesting, so to them I dedicate a lot of space on my website. With a car, you can visit not only the great beaches of nearby hotels, but also remote, quiet and clean beaches, which are dozens in Israel.

The roads are excellent in Israel. Practically all of them have indexes in English. All roads have the number. As a rule, always on indexes the road number is written. Even numbers in the names of roads mean that the road runs from north to south, and odd – that the road runs east to west.

Highway in Tel Aviv

Highway in Tel Aviv

For fast move from the north to south through the center of the country there is a toll road – “the sixth track,” “kvish 6”. At most for 10 dollars you will save some tens of kilometers and a lot of time, and there are practically no jams on it.

The fee for the road is taken automatically through the company from which you took the car. Maximum fee is 33 shekels. But we need to know how much takes the rental firm. The price can reach up to 50 shekels.

There are  a lot of jams in Israel , mostly in the morning and in the evening on the coastal highway (Second Road), as well as on the roads, which run from Tel Aviv and Herzliya to other cities in central Israel – 4th and 5th track. Also, there are often traffic jams at the entrance to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

Road in Tel Aviv

Road in Tel Aviv

You will never get lost with GPS. In addition, GPS can help avoid mistakes and not to drive on the territory of the Palestinian Authority. Typically, in Israel there is a GPS option – not to send through roads that are on the “green line”.

In Israel the giants of world car rental – AVIS, SIXT and others, as well as local companies work. I advise you to look rental cars through the site Rentalcars:

It’s a site-broker, part of the concern booking-com, which makes the search immediately through the company and can give additional discounts. My simple advice to maximize self-catering rest in Israel is to rent the car.

In Israel, it is as easy to do as in any other country in the world. If you have questions about car rental in Israel – ask them via the feedback form, I will be glad to help you.

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