Idra Raba

In the north of Israel, there are many places that are considered holy. This is the tomb of the great Kabbalists, and sources with the special water, and ancient synagogues.

But there is a place which I allocate separately – Idra Raba (אדרא רבא). Idra Raba is the small cave located in the north of Israel between the village Miron and the city of Tsfat.

This cave is special because here Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai (Rashb”I), the author of “Zohar”, was sitting with his students and was giving the lessons of Kabbalah. And one of his disciples, Rabbi Aba, wrote down these lessons in a special way.

Thus was born the most important book of the Kabbalah – The Book of “Zohar”.

By legend, another great kabbalist  AR”I (who revealed the Book of Zohar to the world ) used to come to this cave with his students and was giving them special lessons here.

The greatest kabbalist of the present Rab Baruch Ashlag (RABASh) each time on the way to Tiberias stopped by in this cave together with his disciple Michael Lightman. RABASh said that Idra Raba, certainly, is a holy place.

Many times I have been in this place, and its feature always can be felt, the need is to want just a little. And, of course, it is highly recommended to read at least a short passage from Zohar.

The exact location of the cave is the road Meron, Safed. Approximately 3-4 km in the direction of Safed – and you will see the blue roof on the left side. There is a large parking lot. As a rule, there are not much people. The environment is tremendous, and all conditions for internal work are perfect.

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