The Beach in Herzliya

Herzliya has several good beaches. In my opinion, the beach in front of Hotel Dan Accadia (Dan Accadia) is one of the best in the center of Israel.

The positive features of the beach are:

  1. A large parking lot in front of the hotel. Sometimes in summer is not so easy to find a parking space, but a little patience – you can find a place;

2. The beach is very clean. Last year, at the beach and surrounding areas was made a huge        renovation, equipping it with showers, toilets, changing rooms in the best style;

3. Strand of sand beach is very wide, which makes it possible, even in the busiest day to find a quiet place;

4. The sea walls, and remarkably clean water;

5. Along the shore fields for football, volleyball;

6. On weekdays often the beach happens rather empty that gives the chance to spend tremendous time;

7. Entrance to the beach is free. Rental of sun loungers – paid.

Dan Accadia beach

Dan Accadia beach

If you have a desire to fill your time on the beach with culinary component, all along the coast are dozens of bars and restaurants. Some of them offer to sit right on the beach.

The beach is very close to all the hotels Herzliya, which are located on the coast. Beaches of these hotels are also good, but this one is special.

In addition, a very important feature of this beach is that it’s accessible to people with disabilities – right near the beach, there is a huge parking area for disabled people, from the hills to the beach they can go down on the elevator, and behind a sandy strand there is very wide strip of a path.

I am sure that you will enjoy this beach.

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