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Today we have dozens of ways to book hotel. You can make a hotel booking both through the travel agency and directly through the hotel upon the recommendation of your acquaintances or of the Internet. And of course you can make it online.

You can find dozens of broker websites on which you can find different variants, compare prices and make the best booking at the most reasonable price.

As for me I always make booking on the booking.com website. In my opinion it has the most convenient, simple and neat interface. And of course it’s multilingual.

This online agency provides a great number of reservation variants, which gives you the opportunity to select and choose the best one at the most reasonable price. So the technology infrastructure is the website’s main advantage.

The second advantage that has determined my choice is a lot of customer feedback that is usually absolutely true. The website will not allow the hotel owners to falsify feedback.

Moreover, the website encourages posting feedback and after the trip it reminds you that it’s preferable to leave your feedback. Posting feedback can be regarded as your vacation impressions and helps to promote the website. I always advise everybody to pay attention to other people’s feedback. Besides, booking.com has a very good service centre that will help you in case you have problems with the hotel.

So booking.com is a perfect website worth dealing with. And let me give you a word of advice. Before making a booking please use the link below


This website gives you a possibility to compare prices through all broker websites. The booking.com company includes other websites, e.g. agoda. It’s a mirror site which very often offers prices10-20% less. All the other broker websites offer the same possibilities.

Using this resourse you can go to booking.com, read feedback and find a hotel. But if you find lower prices on the other broker you can be confident in making reservation. However do not forget to check it directly with the hotel.

As for my personal experience I always made booking through booking.com just due to the lowest rates. But nevertheless it is better to compare all the rates on Hotelscombined website too.

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