Lake Monfort

In the city of Ma’alot, in the North of Israel, there is a lake Monfort.

Monfort Lake – an artificial lake, it was planned to become one of tourist centers in Northern Israel.

The attraction of the lake is its atmosphere. The lake is located between the green mountains. By the water’s edge from all sides of the lake vegetation rises.

The islands, which are very well embedded in the lake, are full of greenery, flowers and plants. All this, together with the ducks and swans on the water create an inexpressible atmosphere. The first time I was at the lake, my relative said, “Right Switzerland.” And, you know, – he’s right.

Greenery around Lake Montfort

Greenery around Lake Montfort

On the lake you can ride on boats, kayaks, catamarans. In addition, there is an ice skating rink. Yes, a real ice rink, a half Olympic size. Near the ice rink is a small go-kart. In the summer the swimming pool works at the lake.

All attractions work on Friday and Saturday – from 10-00 till 18-00. On weekdays the working hours can be checked by phone – 04-957-1292 04-9574004.

Attractions on the Lake

Attractions on the Lake

Without attractions the lake itself is a stunningly beautiful and romantic place. You can spend a few unforgettable hours. And if you’re staying in a hotel or Zimmer in Northern Israel, be sure to visit Lake Montfort.

Take a walk around the lake, sit in a cafe right on the beach, feed the ducks from one of the islands …

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