One of the most beautiful places in Israel is Reserve Rosh-ha-Nikra.

The reserve is located on the north-western point of Israel, on the border with Lebanon (if someone immediately have questions – the place is absolutely safe).

To describe Rosh-ha-Nikra in a few words,- it is a system of cave grottoes which in many places adjoin to the sea. Secondly,- it is the cretaceous rock, and thirdly,- tremendous views of the sea and the sea coast of the North of Israel.

Views of the sea from Rosh-ha-Nikra

Views of the sea from Rosh-ha-Nikra

But let’s start slowly.

The reserve Rosh-ha-Nikra is open for visitors:

In the summer: daily from 8:30 till 18-00.

On Fridays – from 8:30 till 16:00

In the winter daily from 8:30 till 16:00

Entrance cost – 42 shekels for the adult and 34 for the child.

The first thing that you see after the parking is a stunning view of the Mediterranean Sea, the rugged coastline north of Nahariya.

View of the Mediterranean Sea, the rugged coastline north of Nahariya

View of the Mediterranean Sea, the rugged coastline north of Nahariya

Once you have got tickets, you will descend by cable car to the grottoes. Cable car is one of the coolest (at an elevation angle) in the world, but it takes less than a minute.

Cable car to the grottoes

Cable car to the grottoes

Immediately after the descent you enter the caves. Grottoes Rosh- ha-Nikra is marvelous corridors in the soft chalk rock. This is an alliance between the sea and caves. All the beauty of this place – ascending and descending to the sea caves, the various holes in the rock, which create interesting views to the sea and its waves.

Grottoes Rosh- ha-Nikra

Grottoes Rosh-ha-Nikra

Coming out of the caves, we find ourselves right on the soft rock chalk mountain, which creates a stunning view of the place. At the lowest point of Rosh- ha-Nikra every half-hour they show film with special effects about the history of this place.

It has a very rich history indeed. Even in ancient times, this place was known as the border of the kingdom of Israel. Alexander the Great was held here with his army after the conquest of Tyre.

In the 20th century British laid here the tunnel for railway connection of Haifa and Beirut. In 1948 this tunnel was blown up by the Israeli army to exclude the possibility of penetration for Lebanese armies through it.

Among other things, Rosh- ha-Nikra offers a restaurant, the main attraction of which is the beautiful view. Also, for an additional fee, you can take a trip on the small train to another nearby nature reserve – Achziv. For independent walks along the coast there is a possibility to rent a golf-buggy.

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