Stalactite Caves Beit Shemesh

One of the most beautiful and unusual places in Israel the Stalactite Cave is considered. The cave is located on the western slopes of the Judaean Hills, to the south from the stream Sorek, near Stalactite Cave Beit Shemesh.

Stalactite Cave Beit Shemesh

Stalactite Cave Beit Shemesh

To get to the cave, you need to go down a few hundred meters from the parking lot to the entrance of the cave. A way down is a forest path with stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

The cave was discovered by accident in 1969. The mining works for the production of building stones took place here, and after one of the explosions the builders saw a magical view. All works were stopped immediately, and the place turned into a nature reserve.

The cave is not so large, and it can be bypassed for 15-20 minutes. But because of the abundance of stalactites and bizarre forms it deserves due attention.

The abundance of stalactites and bizarre forms in a cave

The abundance of stalactites and bizarre forms in a cave

Excursions on a cave happen only in small groups therefore, as a rule, on Saturday and holidays it is necessary to wait a little to get to a cave. One of the main rules in a cave – not to touch stalactites and not to bring food as it destroys it.

Stalactites in Stalactite Caves

Stalactites in Stalactite Caves

The cave entrance is 27 shekels, for children – 14 shekels.

Working time:

April-September, all days a week – 8-00 – 17-00; Friday – 8-00-16-00

October-March, all days a week 8-00-16-00; Friday – 8-00 – 15-00

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