Montfort Castle

Not far from the town of Ma’alot, near the village of Mitzpe Hila (Hila), there is the castle of Montfort, or, to be exact, its ruins.

The car should be left in the parking lot – there are free and paid parking, and then we set out on a walking tour.

It takes 50 min to go from the parking lot to the castle. Be sure to bring water and comfortable shoes because the road in some of its segments is not very comfortable.

But on the other hand, the road itself, especially in the spring is terrific. Green meadows, trees, mountains, meadows with cows look like “Switzerland”. Our aim is castle. The road to it will give you a lot of positive emotions.

The road to Montfort Castle

The road to Montfort Castle

The castle itself was founded in 1220 by the Teutonic Order of Crusaders. Its name comes from the two French words – mont (mountain) and fort (strong).

In 1229, the archives and treasures of the Order were transported there, and it became the residence of the great masters of the Teutonic Order. In 1271 Beybarsu manages to capture the castle, after it was destroyed and never rebuilt. Its ruins consist of several parts – something that reminds the main complex.

Montfort Castle

Montfort Castle

The upper complex. The watchtower is very well preserved. Among the ruins there are a few elements that are also in a good condition – columns, arches. The castle is located above the gorge, and the views from it are simply stunning.

Under castle Kziv stream flows. Nearby are the ruins of the farm, which supplied the castle. Green Galilean Mountains surround the castle.

Entrance is free.

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