Varna with Kids

Varna, Bulgaria’s Sea Capital, offers a wide range of attractions and activities specifically designed for families traveling with kids. From fascinating museums to thrilling amusement parks, Varna guarantees an unforgettable experience for both kids and adults. Let’s dive into the details of why Varna is the perfect destination for a family vacation.

Family-Friendly Attractions

  1. Varna Zoo

Situated in the heart of the city’s picturesque Sea Garden, Varna Zoo is a haven for animal enthusiasts of all ages. Home to a diverse array of wildlife, including lions, bears, monkeys, and exotic birds, the zoo provides an educational and entertaining experience for kids. Visitors can embark on a journey through different continents while learning about conservation efforts and animal habitats.

  1. Aquapolis Water Park

For a day filled with excitement and adventure, head to Aquapolis Water Park, located near the Golden Sands resort area. With thrilling water slides, lazy rivers, and interactive play areas, this expansive water park promises endless fun for the whole family. Kids can splash around in the shallow pools, while older kids can brave the adrenaline-pumping slides and attractions.

  1. Varna Aquarium

Immerse yourself in the enchanting underwater world at the Varna Aquarium, located within the Sea Garden. Housing a fascinating collection of marine life, including colorful fish, graceful seahorses, and mesmerizing jellyfish, the aquarium offers a captivating glimpse into the ocean’s mysteries. Kids can participate in educational programs, interactive exhibits, and feeding sessions to learn more about marine ecosystems and conservation efforts.

  1. Pirates of Varna Amusement Park

Set sail on a swashbuckling adventure at the Pirates of Varna Amusement Park, located along the city’s scenic coastline. Inspired by the legendary tales of pirates and buccaneers, this themed attraction features thrilling rides, interactive shows, and immersive experiences for young buccaneers. From treasure hunts to pirate ship battles, kids can unleash their imagination and embark on a voyage of discovery.

Parks and Gardens

  1. Sea Garden

Stretching along the coast for nearly 8 kilometers, the Sea Garden is a verdant oasis teeming with natural beauty and recreational opportunities. Families can enjoy leisurely strolls along the promenade, picnics in the shade of towering trees, and boat rides on the tranquil lake. The park also features playgrounds, sports facilities, and open-air theaters, making it a popular destination for families seeking outdoor adventures.


  1. Archaeological Museum

Step back in time and uncover the ancient history of Varna at the Archaeological Museum, located in the city center. Home to an extensive collection of artifacts, including the world-famous Gold of Varna, the museum offers a fascinating glimpse into the region’s rich heritage. Kids can marvel at ancient treasures, interactive exhibits, and multimedia presentations that bring history to life.

  1. Retro Museum

Journey through the decades and explore the nostalgic world of the Retro Museum, housed within Grand Mall Varna. Featuring a vast collection of vintage cars, motorcycles, and memorabilia from the 20th century, the museum offers a unique opportunity for families to experience the past. Kids can admire classic vehicles, play retro arcade games, and learn about the cultural significance of iconic artifacts.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Varna with kids is during the summer months, from June to August. The weather is warm and sunny, creating the ideal conditions for enjoying outdoor activities and exploring the city’s attractions. However, spring and early autumn also provide pleasant weather and fewer crowds, making them great alternatives for a family getaway.

Where to Stay

Varna offers a variety of accommodation options for families, catering to different preferences and budgets. Some recommended family-friendly hotels include:

  • Grand Hotel Dimyat: This modern hotel is located just a few minutes’ walk from the beach and the Sea Garden. It offers comfortable rooms and amenities suitable for families.
  • Boutique Splendid Hotel: Housed in a beautiful historical building, this hotel provides luxurious accommodations with rich fabrics and artworks. Its proximity to the Opera and shopping streets makes it a convenient choice for families.
  • Interhotel Cherno More: With its own casino, fitness center, and proximity to the Sea Garden, this hotel caters to families seeking a diverse range of activities.
  • Aqua Hotel: Known for its stylish design and spa facilities, this hotel offers comfortable suites and relaxation treatments using natural ingredients, ideal for family relaxation.

What to Eat

Varna boasts a vibrant culinary scene, with options to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. When dining with kids, consider visiting family-friendly establishments such as:

  • Pizza Sea Horse: This restaurant has been a favorite among families for over 25 years. It offers a wide variety of pizzas, salads, grills, and pasta dishes at affordable prices.
  • London Pub Taifun: With its British-inspired ambiance and diverse menu, including kid-friendly options, this pub is perfect for a casual family meal.
  • Mr. Baba Restaurant: Located near South Beach, this restaurant specializes in seafood dishes and offers a cozy atmosphere suitable for families.

Getting Around

Navigating Varna with kids is easy thanks to its efficient transportation system. Families can utilize:

  • Public Transport: Varna has a network of buses and minibusses (marshrutkas) that connect the city’s various attractions. Tickets can be purchased onboard or at kiosks.
  • Taxi: Taxis are readily available throughout the city and are a convenient option for families, especially when traveling with young children or luggage.
  • Walking: Many of Varna’s attractions are within walking distance of each other, making it easy for families to explore the city on foot.

Three-Day Itinerary for FamiliesDay 1: Exploring Cultural Gems

  • Morning: Start your day at the Archaeological Museum to learn about Varna’s rich history, including the world’s oldest gold treasure.
  • Afternoon: Visit the Retro Museum in Grand Mall Varna for a journey back in time, followed by some fun at the Playground.
  • Evening: Enjoy a family dinner at Pizza Sea Horse, indulging in delicious pizzas and pasta dishes.

Day 2: Outdoor Adventures

  • Morning: Spend the morning at Varna Zoo, where kids can marvel at a variety of animals, including tigers, bears, and exotic birds.
  • Afternoon: Head to the Amusement Park Sea Garden for thrilling rides and family-friendly attractions.
  • Evening: Take a leisurely stroll through the Sea Garden and enjoy the scenic views.

Day 3: Interactive Experiences

  • Morning: Start your day at the Varna Aquarium, where kids can explore the underwater world and learn about marine life.
  • Afternoon: Visit the Astronomical Observatory “Nicolaus Copernicus” for an educational and awe-inspiring experience.
  • Evening: Conclude your trip with a relaxing dinner at one of Varna’s family-friendly restaurants.

Tips for Tourists

  • English, Italian, and German are commonly spoken in Varna, making communication easy for tourists.
  • Have enough Bulgarian Lev for transactions, as using euros or US dollars may result in disadvantageous exchange rates.
  • Bargain at local markets for items like leather goods and souvenirs, but purchase jewelry from specialized shops.
  • Leave tips of 5-10% in restaurants and cafes, rounding up the bill to a convenient sum.
  • Be aware of local gestures, such as a nod meaning “no” and shaking head meaning “yes.”
  • All beaches in Varna are public, with additional fees only for rental equipment.
  • Most shops open from 9:00 to 19:00, while supermarkets may operate 24/7.



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