Montjuic Castle

We continued our tour over Montjuic with walking through the Olympic stadium and towards the funicular that carries visitors up to the Montjuic Castle.

While taking a walk over Montjuic you should take into account the size of the mountain. Frankly speaking I underestimated that fact and we had to walk a lot that day. So if you are not able to take a long walk for some reason you have a possibility to visit the Spanish Village and the Art Museum and then take the metro to the funicular that will carry you up to the Montjuic Castle.

View from Montjuic Castle

View from Montjuic Castle

So in a few hundred meters from the stadium you will see a funicular that will carry you up right to the foot of the Montjuic Castle where you can admire a spectacular view over the sea, the port and the whole city of Barcelona. The castle also houses the Military Museum. By the way the castle has well withstood the ravages of time.

View on Barcelona port

View on Barcelona port

The fifth day turned out to be as exciting as the previous days.

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