Barcelona tour

First day in Barcelona

The first day in Barcelona we took a guided bus tour.

No prizes for guessing what my attitude towards guided tours is. But that was our first trip  abroad. Besides we arrived at01.00 a.m. and when the welcomer (transfer service was included) recommended us to take guided bus tour in the city instead of travelling alone we took his words into account. So within the next 10 minutes we ordered a sightseeing tour and a trip to Montserrat. But that is the subject of the next entry.

On the whole I have nothing against guided tours. Maybe some people like them and consider them useful. But as for me I wasn’t much impressed with our tour. We could see exactly the same travelling by ourselves and save both money and time as there is more than enough information on the Internet.

But why am I writing about all that?

Firstly, I want to  tell you about our tour with all its ups and downs.

Secondly, I’m just informing you about the fact that there is such service in Barcelonaas a tourist bus.

So let’s start!

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Second day in Barcelona

The second day in Barcelona was amazingly intensive and exciting.

Our day started with the trip to Montserrat Monastery considered to be one of the most beautiful and interesting places in Spain in general and Catalonia in particular.

On returning to Barcelona we continued our day with visiting Casa Mila and with a short walk along La Rambla. At the end of the day there was a fantastic visit of famous singing fountains (Magic Fountain of Montjuic).

Let us start with Montserrat.

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Third day in Barcelona

Our third day in Barcelona may be called just “Maritime Barcelona”.

We started the day with the visit of the Maritime Museum, continued with a walk along the quay and the aquarium and finished it on the beach.

Many of you might not find those places too much important for sightseeing but I think that it’s impossible to feel Barcelona without feeling its sea spirit.

Our day started with the Barcelona Maritime Museum.

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Fourth day in Barcelona

We devoted the fourth day of our stay in Barcelona to the Montjuic Mountain.

Montjuic is a huge mountain in Barcelona. Besides you will find a lot of sights and attractions on Montjuic such as museums and pavilions, an Olympic complex, an old fortress and even a big cemetery. But as for cemetery you do not need to visit it as the mountain is rather big and it is filled with attractions 🙂

National Art Museum of Catalonia in Montjuic

National Art Museum of Catalonia in Montjuic

Montjuic is considered to be a very romantic mountain. Local romantic inhabitants discovered the mountain for themselves in the middle of the 19th century and to the present time Barcelona’s citizens and numerous guests enjoy spending days and nights there.

The 1929 Universal Exhibition and the 1992 Summer Olympic Games that were held here promoted the development of Montjuic as the centre of museums, pavilions and sports.

You can spend a wonderful day or even more on Montjuic.

But I would like to give you some more details.

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Fifth day in Barcelona

Our fifth day in Barcelona was quite rich in contrast starting with a walk through old town called the Gothic Quarter and continuing with visit of Barcelona zoo. And the end of the day we spent on the Barcelona beach, as usual.

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Sixth day in Barcelona

Our sixth day in Barcelona was devoted to Tossa de Mar. As I wrote before, beaches in Barcelona are rather good but the farthest you go away from the city the best beaches you can find. It is hardly possible to stay in Barcelona for a week without visiting at least one village or one beach of Costa Brava. The quality and level of cleanliness of Costa Brava beaches can hardly be compared to those of Barcelona and Tossa de Mar.

Here you can read about our trip to Tossa de Mar

We finished the sixth day of our trip over Barcelona on the show of local flamenco dancers.

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Seventh day in Barcelona

Our seventh day in Barcelona appeared to be rather difficult as it was the end of our vacation, our money and our honeymoon.

Barcelona with its heady air and special spirit will always be in our hearts. After Barcelona we visited Venice, Rome and Milan and we would like to go back to each of them. But as for Barcelona we feel a special desire to go back there. A few years have passed but I still have a feeling that the city is somewhere near though of course it is located further west than Italy.

I do not know whether we ever get the chance to visit Rome or Milan but I am absolutely sure that we will return to Barcelona.

So the last few hours in Barcelona we decided to devote to the most popular museum.

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