In 2009 we chose Barcelona to be our first international travel destination. As for the reasons for that decision that will be another story for another time. But it may be said without exaggeration that we have no regrets.

What is Barcelona?

Whatever people say, going to Barcelona first of all means going to the seaside. Vacation in Barcelona can be an ideal combination of walks through the enchanting city and comfortable and “hot” rest by the sea. Wide crowded beaches of Barcelona and often half-empty golden beaches of Costa Brava, seafood dishes and tang of the sea, plenty of beach bars and restaurants, and also a striking opportunity to start and finish your day full of impressions in the warm waves of the Mediterranean sea – all these amazing things can be found in Barcelona.

Barcelona is a very young city. Don’t get me wrong but when you meet 70-year old tourists you will see that they look much younger than their age. It’s amazing that everything in Barcelona including bars, nightclubs, ancient part of the city with hundred-year old buildings by Gaudi looks very young!


Barcelona is the world of Gaudi. It doesn’t matter whether you are an admirer of his masterpieces or just have got acquainted with him in Wikipedia you will definitely fall in love with his talent in Barcelona. There’s no person in the world who doesn’t admit the fact that Barcelona wouldn’t be Barcelona without Gaudi.

Barcelona is full of ancient history with its narrow streets and boulevards of the old town, a great number of historic sites and museums. Here you can spend all day visiting historic sites and at the same time enjoy modern bars and restaurants.

Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia

Barcelona is close to Costa Brava and also to Montserrat that is considered to be one of the most interesting places in Spain and in whole Europe.

All this will make your vacation a wonderful, romantic and unforgettable affair. So let’s start!

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