Parking in Venice

Suppose you are travelling through Northern Italy by a rental car and decide to visit Venice. Earlier or later you will face the problem of how to get the city and where to find parking.

As it is well known, there are no roads and cars in Venice. However, Venice has a land connection with the external world. Riding over the Liberty Bridge you will get to the part of Venice where car is still a means of transport. This refers to Rome Square (Piazzale Roma) and Tronchetto Square or to be more precise Tronchetto Island (Piazzale Tronchetto). By the way, it was just the bridge where I was imposed a penalty for driving 79 km/h instead of 70 km/h. So be careful.

In these squares all Venice parking garages are located. The parking price is about 25 euro per 24 hours. The parking garage in Rome Plaza is more popular among tourists and it’s rather hard to find a parking space, especially on weekends. From these squares you can get to Venice by Vaporetto.

Another variant worth considering is ours. We took a rental car in Milan and planned the trip in such a way that Venice was the last but one destination. We were using the car in Northern Italy for five days and in Venice we just returned it to Avis Car Rental that is in Rome Square. It gave us a possibility to walk around Venice without thinking about the car at all.

The third variant is to leave the car in Mestre, the suburb of Venice. The parking price is much lower here and it may be even 10 euro. But you will have to take a bus to get to Rome Square.

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