Useful tips

This section is devoted to various tips that will be helpful for you during your trip in Italy.

It is highly recommended booking and planning everything in advance.

1. Car

I remember the two Russian tourists at the Avis gate in Milan airport talking very loudly about the sexual minority of Italians who had no cars available. We managed to avoid such problems as we had booked the car in advance.

2. Hotel

There is an opinion that it is preferable to book a hotel just on arrival. You might notice that in every town there is a device with red and green lights and phone through which you can find photos and descriptions of a hotel. The phone provides a direct connection to the hotel you want to book.

The advantage of such a system is that you can bargain and find a hotel just near your destination. The disadvantage is that you may find yourself without accommodation.

A few years before my boss had used this system during his travel. He told us that one night when after they were torn between hotels till 1:00 a.m. they found accommodation at price thrice more expensive! At the same time they stayed one night at 5-star hotel at 3-star price.

3. Route

It is highly recommended devoting enough time to the route planning. Our website will surely be useful for you but you should plan your trip in advance.

Try to highlight the major destinations you want to visit and plan the whole route on this basis. Besides, as Northern Italy covers quite a large territory it is useful to divide the destinations according to regions they are located in.

4. Maps and guide-books

I also strongly recommend buying a guide-book. As for me I’m totally against any guide-books and rely only on the Internet but still I think a pocket guide-book will help you more than once.

Here are a few tips for those who travel by car.

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