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If you look on the map you will not find Northern Italy and Lake Garda with its surroundings a large area. And that’s true. But at the same time every mile of that wonderful region of Italy is full of spectacularly beautiful places including mountains, towns, villages, waterfalls and many other beautiful and unique places. So, you will not want to waste a moment.

That is why planning your route in a correct way can not only save your precious time but add much to your emotions. There are a few rules to follow when planning the route. They are: geographic proximity of the places to visit in one day, the level of complexity of the places, which means that we are not going to walk in the sun all day long, and finally, opening hours.

In our website we tried to create the routes taking into consideration all these rules. While preparing for the trip we looked through tons of pages on the Internet. I liked our route very much as it was really a combination of lots of things and it gave us a possibility to see a large number of wonderful places without any problem.

I hope our website will be transformed into a list of routes which will help you to get plenty of pleasure during your trips.

This is how our trip looked on the map:

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