Hotels in Milan

Milan as the capital of shopping and of business and industrial life offers the widest choice of hotels. Of course, you can find there both luxury rooms in the very centre of the city and B&B.

We stayed in Cristallo Hotel. It’s a rather big 9 storeyed hotel right near the railway station. In contrast to Rome the station area in Milan turned out to be rather nice and clean. It was only once when we met a street person inside the station where we entered to buy something. He looked like a snob in his suit and red tie. It’s only Milan where you can meet such kind of street people.

Among the advantages of the hotel is close proximity to metro and to the railway station. It took us only 7 minutes to walk from the station to the hotel.

The hotel itself is rather clean and nice and worth its 3-star rating and prices which are quite obtainable as compared to those in Milan and the whole of Italy.

Among the disadvantages are too small room and rather poor breakfast typical for Italian hotels. I think its average score of 7.4 on is very spot-on! If you go to Milan for a few days and you are not going to spend much time in your room I recommend this hotel.

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