Lake Garda

We spent half of our tour on Lake Garda.

I would like to share my impressions of that wonderful place. I will tell you why it is worth visiting. You will also learn a few facts I haven’t mentioned when writing about the cities.

Natural beauty of Lake Garda

Natural beauty of Lake Garda

Lake Garda is noted for its overwhelming beauty, both natural and man-made.

The Scaligero Castle situated on Lake Garda

The Scaligero Castle situated on Lake Garda

I haven’t highlighted this fact in my stories because first of all Lake Garda is a lake. Millions of tourists, primarily from Italy and Germany, come to the lake with the aim of relaxing on the beach, swimming in the clearest water, playing water sports or just fishing.

During my four-day stay on the lake I was swimming both in the morning and in the evening after long trips and walks. The lake is known for its special crystal clear and tasty mountain wate which is rather cold. Maybe in August it warms up a little but in June you can hardly swim in it for more than five minutes.

Also one of the largest theme parks in Europe is located on Lake Garda. You will surely enjoy spending whole day in Gardaland no matter whether you travel with kids or you are just an amusement ride fan.

Lake Garda is also noted for its amazing villages with unique atmosphere. But at the same time it offers the widest range of entertainment services including restaurants, bars, disco clubs and whole villages. Beauty and unique atmosphere of Lake Garda are beyond compare. Due to its very convenient location it will take you only a few hours to reach both the beautiful Alps and a pearl of Italy, Venice.

Unique atmosphere of Lake Garda

Unique atmosphere of Lake Garda

As I’ve mentioned before Lake Garda has a lovely and unique atmosphere which is worth diving into.

I hope that when watching the following video clip which I took right on the beach near the hotel you will immediately feel the unique atmosphere of Lake Garda

Our hotel was located at Torri del Benaco

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