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As I have written above it is very important to use GPS when travelling. But how can you check if the maps are installed correctly and if they are working? How to avoid problems during your travel?

I personally always use my simple novogo z800 and never have problems with it. On GPS developer’s website I found a few small tips which helped me a lot.

1. Check the availability of the country you need in the list.
Checking procedure is the following: in address search find the country you need. You will manage to find it if it’s included in the list.

2. Check if there is a route simulation option.

Choose the country you are going to visit, e.g. Great Britain. Choose the city below and press “the city centre”.

Choose additional options and press “point of departure” and then prove the choice. Then go back to the main menu by pressing the “menu” button.

The next step is to choose another city in the country you need by pressing the “city centre” and then press “point of destination”. Then go back to the main menu and the “route settings” and choose simulation option.

The system with route and voice options will keep you on the right track through your whole trip.

3. Check if the option “tourist attractions” is set up.

Go back to the main menu, choose the option of showing the attractions around the sign and check if the system shows the attractions in the chosen category. It’s important to take into account that the first time you launch your GPS abroad at least 15 minutes are required for a GPS receiver to acquire satellite signals. So, don’t start getting nervous for no reason.

You do not have to switch off your GPS, just put it in stand-by mode, which will help you to save much time.

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