What do you get when you get a personal itinerary?

Personal itinerary conducted especially for you according to your requests and your requirements. This service will keep you from unnecessary headache and wasting time before and during the trip and prevent you from many unnecessary expenses.

You will receive a book in PDF format with your personal itinerary divided by day, points of interest, maps, tips to help you all the way: daily summary, must-see, where to eat. Just everything! Itinerary from A to Z with all the information you need for your perfect trip.

Help in choosing recommended accommodation from a database of verified places.

Support and answers to any questions before and during the trip by phone and WhatsApp

Tips and detailed explanation on car rental: parking addresses, direct links to Google Maps or Waze

Your journey is one of the most important events of the year and you are carefully preparing for it

There’s so many information in internet and it’s so easy to get lost in it

Personal itinerary gives you only important and verified information from our expert

You wouldn't miss the most beautiful places and sightseeings

Personal itinerary from our expert includes the most exciting and marvelous places

Your holidays wouldn't be too tiring and messed-up

Personal itinerary from our expert will shorten your travel time and compiles all the places on your way by days and time

Are you afraid that a hotel will disappoint you?

In your personal itinerary our expert proposes you only verified and self-checked hotels from our database

You don't know, does the chosen region suit your vacation time?

In your personal itinerary our expert will answer all your questions and will prepare it taking season into account

You have many other questions: do you need to rent a car or not? Which airport is better for arrival? Do you need COVID test?

Our expert will be in touch with you all the time and help you with any questions

Enjoy your holidays and we’ll take care of everything else!

What we propose

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How can our experts help you?

Want to know why it can be useful for you?

You and our expert are working together to make your dream itinerary. We’ll choose the most unique and interesting places that you would like to visit. Taking into account your wishes and possibilities, the expert will build the most holistic and personalized itinerary for you.

Have confidence and safety while saving time, get the best. We are sure the vast experience and knowledge of our experts will work for you.

How it works

how it worked
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