The Roman Ghetto

History of the Jews in Rome dates from around 500 BC. Primarily the center of the Jewish community was in the district of Trastevere (it’s the whole district near Tiberina Island).

Roman rulers’ attitude toward Jews was changing according to such factors as situation in Israel which was under the reign of Rome since 63 BC, political tolerance of different Popes and other factors. That state of things continued until in 1555 Paul IV issued an order obliging the Jews to settle in Ghetto.

Jewish Quarter in Rome

Jewish Quarter in Rome

The Jewish Ghetto was located in the place of today’s Jewish Quarter. It is easily identifiable by the Great Synagogue which was built from 1901 to 1904. The huge building is noted for its unique aluminium dome considered to be the only squared dome in the city.

Apart from the Synagogue you can see numerous kosher restaurants, shops and Judaica stores there. In close proximity to the “heart” of the Quarter there is a street Via Reginella leading to Piazza Mattei where the Turtle Fountain is placed.

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