Roman Forum

I would like to start my narration about the Roman Forum with history. When we were walking down the Capitoline Hill we saw a well-dressed guy standing at a small table near one of the fire exits. I fell behind the others and asked him where the entrance was and where the tickets were sold. He answered very calmly that it was he who was selling the tickets at a special price of 24 euro. We became suspicious of him and continued our way.

We found the entrance close to the Colosseum and near Via dei Fori Imperiali. There was a long queue and in 20 minutes we entered the Forum. By the way, the entrance fee was 12 euro.

You should take into account that you buy an entire ticket to the Forum, Colosseum and Palatin. As far as I understood, the ticket cannot be divided but I think it’s a good price for such three great sights. I recommend buying tickets to the Forum because the queues to the Colosseum are much longer.

Roman Forum

Roman Forum

If you are a history lover and want to learn about every stone under your feet you can buy an audio guide that will give you detailed information about everything during your tour.

Here on my website you can view photos of the Forum and Colosseum.

As far as the Roman Forum is concerned it’s a large number of ruins of great historical significance. The sight called the Roman Forum is mostly the ruins of the most popular street in Ancient Rome called Via Sacra or Sacred Road one of the symbols of which are Triumphal Gates and the Arch of Titus is among them.

For your information the Arch of Constantine which has withstood the ravages of time too is located out of the Forum and no ticket is needed to see it. Near the Forum you can see the Colosseum.

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