Michelangelo Square

We visited Michelangelo Square in Florence a few times. We used it as a parking place during our tour around Florence. But of course, it’s not the parking lot the square is famous for.

The square is noted for its magnificent panoramic views of the entire city. From the observation point you can clearly see Duomo, Ponte Vecchio, Santa Croce, Palazzo Vecchio, the River Arno and neighbouring buildings.

The panorama of Florence is breathtaking any time of day but it’s especially impressive at sunset. We were lucky to return to Florence after the trip around Tuscany just the last minutes of the sunset. I hope you will like the photos of Florence taken in the evening and at night.

Apart from the breathtaking view, Michelangelo Square which was built and designed by architect Giuseppe Poggi offers replicas of such famous Michelangelo’s sculptures as a very large bronze David and the four allegories.

Here our second day in Italy ended and we were looking forward to taking a walk around Florence.

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