Florence at night

It’s not an easy task to write about Florence because every metre of the old city has its own history and gives its own impressions. It was already 9:00 p.m. when we went for a walk. But all the impressions we got while walking around the city were worth a few trips.

I believe the photos of Florence can convey some degree of atmosphere of our wonderful walk. However, I will try to find the words to describe it. Just imagine crowds of people walking around the city centre, spectacularly beautiful buildings and squares lightened by street lamps, nice cafes and delicious ice-cream, street musicians, street performances, numerous artists and, of course, amazing pieces of art everywhere…

Florence at night time from the Michelangelo Square

Florence at night time from the Michelangelo Square

You can walk around the night time city loosing yourself in its squares and narrow streets and forgetting the time. We were walking around the city, enjoying its beauty and special atmosphere. But there are two places worth mentioning separately, such as the Piglet, the bronze boar statue, and the Old Bridge (Ponte Vecchio).

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