Rome and Florence

Our trip to Rome and Florence took place in summer 2011.  It was our second trip to Italy. But during our first one in Northern Italy we already knew that we would visit Rome and Florence at the earliest possible opportunity. These two cities full of history, art and special atmosphere never stopped to attract us.

Florence is a museum town and the Cradle of the Renaissance. Well it speaks for itself. You can feel wonderful spirit of every district, every street and every square of the city.

A museum town of Florence

A museum town of Florence

Rome is referred to as “The Eternal City”. Everywhere you go in this remarkable city, you’re surrounded by the past. In Rome, like in Florence, there are a lot of squares and streets with amazing atmosphere. You can walk along the Rome streets enjoying its history and beauty in the daytime and drinking in the special atmosphere of every square, every fountain and every cafe at night.

"The Eternal City" of Rome

“The Eternal City” of Rome

They say, “When you are in Rome, behave like the Romans do.” And it’s quite true. I can hardly remember a city in which we spent such wonderful nights. It’s difficult to explain why but it’s true. Do you remember the shot from the movie “Once in Rome” in which the crowd of people is just sitting near the fountain? So, we were doing exactly the same. Rome is the only city where you can get a real thrill out of it.

This website is another opportunity for you to learn some more about Rome and Florence. I’m sure this resource will help you to create your own route around Rome, Florence and other cities. If you are going to take a trip to Northern Italy I recommend visiting my websites “Lake Garda” and “Northern Italy”.

But even if you are not going to Rome or Florence you will feel the special atmosphere of these cities that I tried to convey through this website. Before the trip I bought a good camera, so I did my best to take plenty of photos. Hope you will like the picture gallery section which apart from pictures of Rome and Florence contains a lot of other interesting ones.

So, let’s start.

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