Parco Naturale Monte Corno: A Guide for Tourists

39040 Bolzano, Autonomous Province of Bolzano – South Tyrol, Italy

Nestled in the scenic region of South Tyrol, Italy, Parco Naturale Monte Corno offers an enchanting escape into nature’s wonders. Known for its rich biodiversity and varied landscapes, this natural park is a haven for hikers, nature enthusiasts, and anyone looking to immerse themselves in the beauty of the Italian Alps. This guide provides comprehensive information to help you plan your visit to Parco Naturale Monte Corno, highlighting must-see attractions, practical tips, and essential details for a memorable experience.

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Marco Rossi

Marco Rossi

Where to go for new impressions and emotions? To Italy! Mountains, sea, lakes, architecture, food, shopping, and entertainment are all things that you will find in this country. Travel is transformation, travel is the best thing you can do for yourself, travel is life! Don't wait - travel now!

Where to go for new impressions and emotions? To Italy!
Mountains, sea, lakes, architecture, food, shopping, and
entertainment are all things that you will find in this country.
Travel is transformation, travel is the best thing you can do for
yourself, travel is life! Don't wait - travel now!


Rich Biodiversity and Unique Climate

Parco Naturale Monte Corno boasts the highest diversity of flora and fauna among all natural parks in Alto Adige. The park has a unique climate that supports a wide array of species, ranging from harsh conditions in the northeast to a milder sub-Mediterranean climate in the southwest. Visitors can explore various habitats, including larch forests, wetlands, and peat bogs, each offering a unique glimpse into the park’s ecological wealth.

Must-See Attractions

Monte Corno and Geological Wonders

The park is named after Monte Corno, a peak standing at 1,781 meters within the Dolomites of Fiemme. The area showcases a fascinating geological diversity, with dolomite on the western slopes and reddish quartz porphyry in the central and eastern areas. Notable geological features include the twin peaks of Corno Nero and Corno Bianco, which are distinct in their composition and color.

Themed Trails

Parco Naturale Monte Corno offers four themed trails that provide an immersive experience into the natural and cultural heritage of the region:

  • Sentiero delle Leggende: Two trails located in Trodena and Anterivo, designed with family-friendly stations that tell local legends.
  • Passeggiata Casignano: A circular path featuring the scenic viewpoint “Kanzel.”
  • Kneipp Path “Sandegg”: Located in Anterivo, offering a unique recreational area for relaxation and wellness.

Activities for Visitors

Hiking and Cycling

With well-marked trails of varying difficulty, Parco Naturale Monte Corno is ideal for both novice and experienced hikers. Mountain biking is also popular, with routes offering panoramic views and thrilling descents. Key routes include the old Fiemme Valley railway line and trails leading to Corno Bianco and the Bletterbach gorge.

Wildlife Observation

The park is home to numerous species, such as the black woodpecker, hoopoe, and dormouse, as well as rare plants like the Drosera and Pinguicula vulgaris. Nature enthusiasts can enjoy birdwatching and spotting various animals in their natural habitats.

Practical Information

How to Get There

Parco Naturale Monte Corno is accessible via several entry points, with Anterivo and Trodena being the most popular starting points. The park is well-connected by public transport, and there are good bus connections from Bolzano and surrounding areas.

Accommodation and Dining

Visitors can choose to stay in nearby villages such as Altrei and Truden, which offer a variety of accommodations including hotels, B&Bs, and establishments that serve traditional South Tyrolean cuisine. These local establishments provide a warm and authentic experience, often featuring regional specialties made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

Essential Tips for Tourists

  • Check the Weather: Due to the rapid changes in weather, especially at higher altitudes, it is essential to check the forecast and be prepared for varying conditions.
  • Trail Conditions: It is recommended to wear appropriate footwear as some trails may become slippery during wet weather.
  • Safety: When hiking with children, exercise caution near the summit of Monte Corno as there are certain areas that pose a risk of falling.

Opening Hours, and Ticket Prices

Opening Hours:

The park is open throughout the year. Visitor centers in Trodena and Cauria have specific seasonal hours.

Ticket Prices:

Entry to the park is free of charge. However, please note that certain attractions, such as the Bletterbach gorge, require a ticket for entry.

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