Discovering the Wonders of Museo di Storia Naturale Giancarlo Ligabue

Salizada del Fontego dei Turchi, 1730, 30135 Venezia VE, Italy

Museo di Storia Naturale Giancarlo Ligabue, located in the heart of Venice, is a must-see for nature enthusiasts and history buffs alike. This meticulously curated museum offers a captivating journey through the wonders of the natural world, housed in a beautiful Renaissance building that seamlessly combines Venice’s rich history with the allure of natural science.

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Marco Rossi

Marco Rossi

Where to go for new impressions and emotions? To Italy! Mountains, sea, lakes, architecture, food, shopping, and entertainment are all things that you will find in this country. Travel is transformation, travel is the best thing you can do for yourself, travel is life! Don't wait - travel now!

Where to go for new impressions and emotions? To Italy!
Mountains, sea, lakes, architecture, food, shopping, and
entertainment are all things that you will find in this country.
Travel is transformation, travel is the best thing you can do for
yourself, travel is life! Don't wait - travel now!


What to See

Galleria dei Cetacei

As you enter, you’ll be greeted by the impressive Galleria dei Cetacei on the ground floor. This gallery features extensive exhibits on marine life, including the skeletons of a sperm whale and a 20-meter-long fin whale. Immerse yourself in the biology and ecology of these magnificent creatures.

Acquario delle Tegnùe

Next to the cetacean gallery, you’ll find the Acquario delle Tegnùe. This area boasts a 5-meter tank that replicates the marine environment of the Northern Adriatic, often referred to as the “coral reefs of the Adriatic.” Explore the unique flora and fauna of this region.

Traces of Life

The second floor will take you on a journey through time with the “Traces of Life” exhibit. This exhibit covers the emergence of visible organisms 700 million years ago to the evolution of Homo sapiens. Experience this fascinating story through vivid fossils and reconstructions.

Giancarlo Ligabue’s Expeditions

A significant portion of the museum is dedicated to the paleontological and anthropological missions led by Giancarlo Ligabue, the museum’s namesake. Noteworthy exhibits include the skeleton of Ouranosaurus nigeriensis and Sarcosuchus imperator, discovered during Ligabue’s expeditions in Niger.

Strategies of Life

This section delves into the evolutionary strategies that have allowed various life forms to adapt and thrive. Engage with interactive displays and detailed dioramas that help illustrate these complex biological concepts in a captivating manner.

Biblioteca del Museo di Storia Naturale

For those interested in further study, a visit to the museum’s library is a must. It houses an extensive collection of naturalistic literature, scientific studies, and periodicals, providing a wealth of information for researchers and enthusiasts.

Tips for Tourists

Engage with Interactive Displays

The museum features numerous interactive exhibits that make learning fun and engaging for visitors of all ages. These hands-on experiences are particularly captivating for children and make the museum an ideal family destination.

Language Considerations

Although the exhibits are primarily labeled in Italian, audio guides are available for €3.50, and a downloadable PDF guide in English can be accessed via the museum’s free WiFi. This ensures that non-Italian speakers can fully appreciate the rich content on display.

Plan Your TimeGiven the museum’s extensive collection, plan to spend at least 1.5 to 2 hours exploring. The museum is quieter compared to other tourist spots, allowing for a leisurely and immersive experience.

City Museum Pass

If you plan on visiting multiple museums in Venice, consider purchasing the City Museum Pass. This pass provides access to various museums and historical sites across the city, offering excellent value for money.

What Not to Miss

Dinosaur Exhibits

Don’t miss the dinosaur fossils, including towering skeletons and intricate reconstructions. These exhibits are a highlight for both young visitors and avid paleontology fans.

Venetian Lagoon Exhibit

The section dedicated to the Venetian Lagoon provides insightful context on the delicate balance between nature and civilization in Venice. The multimedia presentations and dioramas make this exhibit stand out.


The museum’s “cabinet of curiosities,” or Wunderkammer, is a fascinating collection of rare and unusual objects, ranging from taxidermy specimens to ancient artifacts. This eclectic mix offers a unique glimpse into historical methods of scientific collection and study.

Getting There

The museum is easily accessible either on foot or by using Venice’s vaporetto (waterbus) service. From the Venezia Santa Lucia train station, it’s less than a 15-minute walk. Simply cross the Ponte degli Scalzi and follow signs to Fondaco dei Turchi. For those preferring the vaporetto, Line 1 or Line 5.2 will take you to the Riva de Biasio stop, while Line 1 from the Lido di Venezia reaches San Stae, which is a short walk to the museum.

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM. Closed on Mondays.

Ticket Prices:

  • Adults: €10.00
  • Reduced Price: €7.50 (for youth aged 6-14, students aged 15-25, and seniors over 65)
  • Free Admission: For residents and those born in the Municipality of Venice, children aged 0-5, and persons with disabilities along with one companion.

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