Where to have a rest on the sea?

Many “citizens” before summer comes or in general ask an excellent question: “where to have a rest on the sea?”

The Earth is large, and we have a great variety of choices: Turkey, Greek Islands, Thailand and the Black Sea as well. But in this article, of course, I want to talk about Israel.

As you know, Israel has 3 seas – the Mediterranean, the Dead and Red. Mediterranean Sea with its sandy beaches, of course, gives you opportunity to spend an awesome time on its shores. Temperature of the Mediterranean Sea varies from 17 to 33 degrees.

Most of the beaches in Israel are well equipped, with Baywatch on duty. Except Friday and Saturday beaches in all cities except Tel Aviv are quite empty, allowing you to have a great time. Personally, I recommend Herzliya coast and beaches, which are located on south next to Haifa.

Herzliya beach

Herzliya beach

Many beaches have bars and restaurants. Almost all the beaches in Israel are clean. The only disadvantage is jellyfishes, which can sting rather painfully. Usually, “a period of jellyfish” in Israel is early to mid-July.

But, certainly, May-June and September-October will be excellent time for sea tour in Israel.

About night life of Tel Aviv I will write special article. Night life of Tel Aviv doesn’t concede to the best resorts of the Mediterranean.

Tel Aviv night life

Tel Aviv night life

About the Dead Sea and its beaches I wrote separately, I suggest you to read those articles, just click on the links. It has no sense to stay more than 2-3 days on the Dead Sea If you are not coming to Israel especially for the sake of treatment.

The Red Sea in Israel can be found in the city of Eilat. Red Sea has a year-round water temperature of 23 degrees. Red Sea – this stunning coral reefs, dolphins, plenty of opportunities for water sports and rest in an unforgettable atmosphere.

Coral reefs in Eilat

Coral reefs in Eilat

In Eilat, one can find a wide range of hotels, from luxury deluxe to very simple hostels and 2-3 star hotels.

Night life of this resort is discos, bars, small romantic restaurants.  You want to return here again, even if you have been here many times.

The best time to come on holiday to Eilat is September-October. And if in other places the season comes to the end, for Eilat is the best one.

I hope very much this article will help you to answer the question “where to rest on the sea?”

Israel welcomes you!

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