Trains in Israel

During a visit to Israel raises the question of transport. For more quick and easy movement around the country, I recommend you hire a car.

Of course, there are many people who prefer to travel by public transport. Israel has well developed bus system and the railroad as well.

Railroad exists in Israel since the days of the British mandate, but it is developing all the time and, unfortunately, has not yet reached its peak.

Train in Israel

Train in Israel

Today the railroad in Israel lies from Dimona and Kiryat Gotha in the south and to Naariya in the north, from Tel Aviv in the west and to Jerusalem in the east.

Also, the railway passes through Ben Gurion Airport and through the central cities of the country – Petah Tikva, Kfar Saba, and others.

Of course, everyone understands that this is not enough, so there are plans to expand and improve the railway, including Eilat in the south to the north to Carmiel, as well as the modernization of the railway line Tel Aviv – Jerusalem and Haifa, Nahariya. Because of construction works, cases of closing of this or that fragment of the road are frequent. All changes can be found on the website of railways, including in Russian – https://www.rail.co.il/en

Also in Israel happen strikes on railroads, and it is worth watching it in news.

Also it is necessary to know that, as a rule, on a Sunday morning and Thursday evening trains are overcrowded. If possible, you should choose different hours for the trip.

Another problem is that often trains in Israel are late. If you are going to the airport, you should go little bit earlier. And if the train was late by more than half an hour, go straight to the station-master: he is obliged to give you a free ticket to the same face value.

But, despite all the shortcomings, if you, say, during a trip want to travel around the country by public transport or visit friends or relatives in a particular city, think of Israeli railways. The cars are quite comfortable, clean, and many of them have Internet access.

Schedules and other information can be received also Russian on an Israeli railway site-  https://www.rail.co.il/en

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