The Old Railway Station (Mitkham-ha-Takhana), Tel Aviv

One of my favorite places in Tel Aviv has recently become Mitkham-ha-Takhana – a complex of the old railway station. The complex is located just south of Neve Tzedek – the first and the most southern district of Tel Aviv, a couple of hundred meters from Jaffa.

Today all complex represents a certain mix of tremendous small restaurants, cafes, design boutiques of clothes and jewelry, and also a certain special atmosphere of old railway station of 19th century.

Design boutiques of clothes and jewelry in Mitkham ha Takhana

Design boutiques of clothes and jewelry in Mitkham ha Takhana

The station was open in 1892 and connected Jaffa and Tel Aviv. Except the station hangars, the concrete factory has been settled down. In total, the complex has 22 building, all of them are reconstructed, kept in historical style.

In addition to the buildings you can see the rails and the trailer, where you can watch an interactive video about the history of the station. Also there are some additional attractions – baby horse, on Fridays a small market is organized, often the various exhibitions.

Old atmospheric buildings

Old atmospheric buildings

Despite the fact that the complex is actually small, each time getting here, we spend a few hours with great pleasure.

I particularly recommend the kiosk with a stunning Italian ice cream, cafe Greg, and restaurant “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” (about which I want to write separately, the whole article).

The entire complex – it’s a godsend for the photographer. After its opening, it has become the venue for photo shoots for models and for married couples as well.

Old train

Old train

The sea is in several meters from Mitkham-ha-Takhana, and after a walk in the complex, always it is worth going down to the sea to enjoy the views of Jaffa and Tel Aviv sea front.

If you get to the station by car, then right at the complex is a budget parking – only 10 shekels for the whole day. Leave the car, and take a walk on the Mitkham-ha-Takhana. After you should definitely go to Neve Tzedek, but that’s another story.

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