Port of Tel Aviv

One of the most busy and interesting places of Tel Aviv is the port “Nemal Tel-Aviv”.

The port was opened in 1936 as an alternative to the port of Jaffa, which was in the hands of the Arabs. But in 1965 it was closed when the large modern port in Ashdod was built.

In the nineties it found a new life when in old port hangars were opened modern restaurants, boutiques, discos.

It remains the same till todays. There you can have fine breakfast, make shopping at inexpensive chain of fashion stores and in in expensive boutiques as well.

A view on Tel Aviv port from the sea

A view on Tel Aviv port from the sea

During the day in restaurants people conduct business negotiations.  Also this place is one of the favorite destinations of honeymooners from the center of the country, who come here to make their wedding photos.

In the evening you can spend a great romantic dinner at one of the good restaurants. At night, people can spend the most fashionable parties in clubs and bars.

Port of Tel Aviv at night

Port of Tel Aviv at night

Some advices – if you travel by car, directly in port there are numerous parking places, but they are rather expensive (from 20 shekels and more). Absolutely nearby there is a free parking Reading, in 7-10 min walk from port (sometimes it can be very useful, if there is no parking place at the port).

One more- all buildings in port are called “hangars”. Therefore if you are told that the good boutique or club is in a hangar 14, don’t be frightened, the way it is.

Once I heard a song with the words “colored envelope from Tel Aviv and the smell of the sea, the smell of beer …” So, if I were asked what kind of place the author talks about in the song, I would have said, “Tel Aviv Port”- excellent place for good rest directly on the seashore.

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