Ma’alot – one of the most beautiful towns in northern Israel. Ma’alot is a very small town, with population 17,000. It is surrounded by evergreen hills, what creates a very special atmosphere.

The city itself is located on a set of hills, probably hence its name – “Ma’alot” – “steps.”

Ma’alot – one of the few cities in Israel, which on its own initiative has connected with the nearby Arab village – Tarshiha. Now it is officially called Ma’alot -Tarshiha. The population of Ma’alot is equally divided between immigrants from Russia and Eastern countries.

For tourists Ma’alot may be interesting with Lake Monfort (of which I write separately), and stunning views, which in Ma’alot are in abundance.

Streets of Ma’alot

Streets of Ma’alot

These are the mountains surrounding the city, dozens fountains. These are sculptures that stand in every corner of the city (which accrue to the city after the festival of sculptures, it is held annually during Pesah). This is huge amount of greenery that just fills the city. All who had a few hours walking around this town, just “fall in love” with it.

Besides the beauty of the city, the tourists may be interested in the bazaar, which takes place in Tarshiha on Saturdays. At the entrance to the town there are some pretty good restaurants.

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