The Beaches of the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea has many beaches. Most of them are in the southern part of the Dead Sea, Ein Bokek and Zohar Hot Springs. Part of the beach is free, some paid, some private and belong to hotels.

The central beach in Ein Bokek is free, but the services provided are minimal – shower, sun beds for the money. Such a treat, as the Dead Sea mud is available here only in special bags that are sold at nearby kiosks.

Dead Sea - Ein Bokek beach

Dead Sea – Ein Bokek beach

On weekdays, the beach is quite clear, even during the high season, on Fridays and Saturdays it is lousy with trippers. Along with all this, the beach is fairly clean and comfortable.

The hotel beaches also are clean and comfortable, and if you have the opportunity to order hotel accommodation at the Dead Sea with its own beach, you should do it. Apart from the beaches in the area Een Bokek and Zohar Hot Springs, in the northern part of the Dead Sea there are several large recreation centers – the beach of Ein Gedi (Mirhatsaot Ein Gedi / Ein Gedi Spa) Mineral Beach (Hof Mineral).

Zohar Hot Springs

Zohar Hot Springs

The entrance into these centers costs from 60 to 80 shekels. The advantages of these places include great beaches, where you can take a free mud from the Dead Sea. In addition there are pools with sulfuric water, the entrance to which is also included in the ticket price. And, of course, there are swimming pools with fresh water. For an additional fee you can book massages and treatments.

Dead Sea beach

Dead Sea beach

You should always remember the safety rules on any of the beaches of the Dead Sea. Don’t spend in the water too much time – no more than 20 minutes and not more than a few times a day. Beware of getting water in your eyes, in your mouth. In case of contact do not panic, do not start splashing water (it can cause even more damage: both for you and the people close to you), and just immediately wash them with plenty of fresh water in the shower.

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