Beach Tantura

In Israel, on the Mediterranean Sea there are many good beautiful and clean beaches. I will tell you about several of them.

But there is one that I remember particularly – the beach Tantura (another name – Dor beach), which is part of a chain of beaches Hof Ha-Habonim. It is situated to the south of the town of Atlit, 20 kilometers from Haifa.

Tantura beach

Tantura beach

I remember the beach for its pristine yellow sand.

Blue lagoons …

Islets and natural pools …

… Awesome atmosphere. Personally, I haven’t been in Thailand, but a few friends who were there, several times repeated, that they have such feeling they are in Thailand.

Right on the beach you can rent kayak, a few meters from the beach there is a water park Neve Yam (Neve Yam).

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