Youth Recreation on Kos Island

Kos Island is a small patch of land in Aegean Sea. However, it’s the place where millions of tourists decide to spend their long-awaited vacations annually. It’s a place where you will never get bored. No matter how patriarchal and quiet the island’s lifestyle seems young people can always find plenty of entertainment that will make their vacation unforgettable.

You can choose family apartments or a fashionable 5-star hotel, a noise beach or an unvisited quiet mountain village. A lot of beaches will suit all tastes. You can choose sandy or pebble beach, civilized or wild beach, shallow water beach, a hot water beach or a black sandy beach. There is even a beach with small bubbles coming from the beach bottom. It’s like a unique natural Jacuzzi.

Never lacking in noisy entertainment is what can easily be said about Kos Island.

You can visit thematic festivals being held in different villages, e.g. Fish festival, Ouzo festival, Honey festival, annual festivals with performances, shows and sport competitions, February festivals and April fair in Pyli. The masterpieces of the local cuisine, ancient traditions and local inhabitants’ hospitality make the festivals extremely attractive to the island’s visitors.

But don’t forget to visit local tourist attractions such as the Plane Tree of famous healer Hippocrates, Asklepion Temple complex or the Bigarade Castle of Joanites (The Castle of the Knights of Saint John).

Regarding recreation, I cannot but mention famous Greek cuisine noted for its very special dishes popular on Kos Island. Among them are “krasotiri” (cheese cooked with wine), ksinomizithra (local sourish cheese), squids and shrimp salad, stewed pork with rice, tomato jam, local wines and Ouzo. Here even a true diet fanatic would yield to temptation!

I would rephrase the famous saying “You can find everything in Greece!” into “You can find everything and even more on Kos!” Come and see yourself!

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