Northern Coast of Kos Island

The Northern coast of Kos Island is a coast with nice sandy beaches, the crystal turquoise blue water, small villages and beautiful views of the neighboring islands of Kalymnos and Pserimos.
Due to strong winds that often blow here the island is considered to be an ideal place for all water sports, and for windsurfing in particular.

Northern Coast of Kos Island

Northern Coast of Kos Island

In summer you can see giant big-headed sea turtles laying eggs on the island coasts. Tourists are offered special glass bottom boat tours. Sometimes you can see the turtles coming very close to the villages.

For protection of these animals and their eggs brigades made up of volunteers from different countries are being formed on the island. The fact is that baby sea turtles can become disoriented by the lights of numerous hotels and bars. So the volunteers make special straw routes for them or push them slightly to move towards the sea.
The Northern coast of Kos starts at the village of Lambi, a little distance north from the town of Kos. The village is famous for its nice beaches and seaside hotel complexes and bars.
Other villages located on the Northern coast of Kos are Marmari, Tigaki and Mastichari.


Besides, a few kilometers from Kefalos there is a beautiful natural bay called Limnionas.
Let’s start with Tigaki.

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