Kos vacation

Our vacation on Kos Island turned out to be wonderful. This small island in Aegean Sea gave us plenty of wonderful impressions and positive emotions.

Of course, every person chooses the type of leisure according to his own interests and abilities.

On Kos Island you can choose such types of leisure as relaxing by the pool or on a beach, in an all-inclusive hotel or visiting numerous attractions of the island. I think it’s preferable to combine all these types of leisure.

Kos Island offers a lot of wonderful beaches, exciting attractions, chance to visit the neighboring islands, Turkish Bodrum or just take a daytime boat tour.

Kos Island is noted for its wonderful atmosphere and till now I cannot forget it. I’m sure the very thing that made our vacation on Kos Island so fantastic was just the atmosphere of the place.

Besides, our favorable impressions were deepened by the hotel. We stayed at the hotel with a breathtaking sea view and fantastic pool, which was another thing that made our vacation on Kos Island so great.

Sunset on Kos

Sunset on Kos

To make your vacation more successful and comfortable I recommend renting a car. Of course you will have to bear additional expenses but due to the car you can stay in any hotel and visit all the attractions and all the beaches, even the most remote ones.

As for us it was the Paradise beach where we felt all the beauty of our vacation.

I hope my website will help you make your vacation on Kos Island an unforgettable affair.


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