Car Rental in Kos

Kos Island offers a few types of recreation.

Of course you can choose to have a rest on the beach and in a hotel. You can also take a few guided tours offered by the hotel or by numerous tourist information points.

But if you want to get a real impression of the island and to feel it you will need a vehicle. Kos is considered to be “a paradise” for bikers and numerous car rental agencies offer the widest choice of bicycles and motor-bicycles to hire. A disadvantage of travelling by two-wheeled vehicles is the mountainous landscape. The major part of the island is covered with mountains and travelling by bike in highlands is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Apart from two-wheeled vehicles Kos Island offers the widest choice of various four-wheelers to hire. This mode of transport is also very popular. It’s a vehicle that a large number of tourists choose to travel around the island.

The disadvantage of four-wheelers is that they are not safe enough, though many people consider them to be absolutely safe. However, this mode of transport is also not everyone’s cup of tea. Besides, this vehicle is not powerful enough to be used in mountains.

An additional mode of travel is public transport. They say that Kos Island has a well-developed network of buses. But it goes without saying that public transport is not the most convenient way of travelling.

As for us we hired a car to travel around the island. It was a small Hyundai I10 but it suited us perfectly. It turned out to be a very comfortable and easy way to travel any time of day and night. Frankly speaking I’m not too keen on renting cars during vacation. But as far as Kos Island is concerned driving is very easy due to good and simple roads. Besides, the island is quite small and you can’t get lost.

In addition, low rental price made our day. To rent a car for 3 days and with comprehensive insurance cost us 40 euro per 24 hours. As for the petrol it really cost peanuts.

We rented the car through this website – http://www.rentalcars.com/

Everything was done perfectly and very fast and the car was already waiting for us at the airport. We were so lucky to find a company that offered excellent service for a very good price.

Another way is to rent a car for nearly the same price in one of the numerous companies operating on the island. But pay attention to the type of insurance!

As for me I prefer to rent a car in a big company and in advance.

In this article I tried to highlight all the car rental possibilities.

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