Adults Only Hotels in Kos

There are a few types of vacation by the sea like vacation with family and with kids.

But very often parents, both young and old, want to spend a week or so together by the sea leaving their kids with grandparents. If your efforts have crowned with success and you’ve gone without your kids you will probably not want to hear other children screaming and yelling as you are looking for romantic atmosphere and want to enjoy peace and quiet.

When we were looking for a hotel on Kos Island we found out that many hotels there and especially new ones develop the adult only or 16+ holiday concept. Call it as you like but it’s the same principle.

Adults only hotel Sensimar Michelangelo resort & spa

Adults only hotel Sensimar Michelangelo resort & spa

The Sensimar Michelangelo resort & spa hotel where we stayed at is also based on the same concept. However, young pairs who prefer travelling with kids also can stay at this hotel. As for us we found such policy quite attractive for travelers.

Peace and romance could be enjoyed in every corner especially near the pool. I cannot imagine creating romantic atmosphere with children! Besides, it could even be dangerous for them.

The same can be said about all other parts of the hotel including restaurant.

Of course I understand other people who are never disturbed by children. But it’s great that people have an opportunity to choose the type of vacation.

Pay attention to the notes when looking for a hotel on booking . Usually you can see the notes “16+”, “18+” or “Adult only” in the hotel name. There are a few hotels like this.

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