Northern Italy Tour

So, you’ve decided to go trip. But now the important and serious question arises: where to go? There are a lot of places to visit such as Greece, Turkey, Far East, America, spectacularly beautiful European cities… This is only a small part of the offers list you can get from any travel agent. It’s clear that prices in the price list play a key role in making decision. Frankly speaking, travelling to Northern Italy is quite an expensive affair.

Apart from your financial position that allows you to take a trip to this beautiful part of the world there are another few reasons to do this:

1. A wonderful opportunity to combine a few trips into one over a short period of time.
– Northern Italy is both quiet and pastoral looking Alpine lakes and a bustling and exciting city of Milan;
– Northern Italy is the Alps with their breathtaking views, nature and waterfalls;
– Northern Italy is romance and history of Verona;
– Northern Italy is aristocracy and unique beauty of Lake Maggiore and the Borromean Islands.

And this is only item 1!

2. Northern Italy is a great opportunity to plunge into the world of wonder and harmony for a week. It’s an opportunity to relax, get energy and positive emotions till the next vacation.

3. Northern Italy is a possibility to feel the exciting and rich history of Italy and Europe

4. Northern Italy is a possibility to feel beautiful nature that can hardly be seen anywhere else.

5. In Northern Italy there is a city of Venice which is considered to be a real pearl of Europe and the whole world and one of the most exciting and mysterious cities!

And all these things you can get within a relatively small land area!

As for us we managed to take this wonderful trip in eight days and with no hurry at all!

The article is over, but do you still have questions?