Hotel in Prague

Prague is a large tourist centre and no wonder that it offers the widest selection of hotels.

The city offers both expensive high grade hotels and a large number of very low grade ones. But most of the hotels are nice mid grade hotels at affordable prices.

Hotel in old building in Prague

Hotel in old building in Prague

As for us we stayed at the Olympic 4* hotel. Frankly speaking it leaves much to be desired.

The hotel’s advantages are close proximity to metro (five minutes’ walk) and it’s just 3-4 metro stations away from the city centre. Besides, the rooms are rather good.

As for disadvantages we faced from the very first day the major one was the level of service. When we arrived it was very hot but the air conditioning didn’t work. I went downstairs to find out how I could switch it on. But they answered that the air conditioning didn’t work because it would likely not be hot in May.

After such an answer I couldn’t give any good reviews. Besides, the hotel offered rather poor breakfast.

Moreover, different European schools use the hotel as a place for their pupils to stay at during their tours in Prague. I read such a review a few times on the Internet. The reality was that all the time we could see a crowd of kids in the lobby. Besides, they were entertaining themselves by riding the elevator and every time we had to wait for ten minutes.

But on the other hand, we managed to book the flight + hotel package at the cheapest price.

Prague offers the widest selection of hotels. I can give you the following tips:

Apartments and hotels in old buildings in city center

Apartments and hotels in old buildings in city center

  1. Take into account a hotel’s location. I recommend booking a hotel in the centre of the city or in close proximity to one of the central metro stations. I saw a lot of hotels that were considered to be located in Prague but in reality it would take you 20 minutes’ travel by bus following travel by metro in order to reach the centre of the city.
  2. Always take into account travelers’ reviews.

For a hotel search I recommend this link:

Here you can find the widest selection of hotels and a large number of reviews. Through this link you can book the best hotel at the best price.

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