Prague is a spectacularly beautiful, elegant and exciting city. We heard a lot about beauty of Prague and about the fact that people who once visited it wanted to return again and again.

All the acquaintances and relatives whom we told about our intention to visit Prague were assuring us that it is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

One of the most beautiful cities in Europe - Prague

One of the most beautiful cities in Europe – Prague

But what we saw in Prague surpassed all our wildest expectations. We saw a city with rich history, a city with a spectacularly beautiful and to some extent original historical part, a city full of tourist attractions all of which being unique.

The modern part of the city is elegant and very photogenic too. Sometimes during our walk along the streets I was taking photos of every building and each photo was beautiful and unique.

Prague is very special at night time. A night-time walk along the narrow streets of the old city, in Old Town Square (Staroměstské náměstí) or on Kampa Island gives you the impression that you are in a fairytale city.

Prague in night time

Prague in night time

We were in Prague at the beginning of May when the whole city was full of greenery and flowers. Sometimes we spent time just sitting on the bank of Vltava River or in one of the parks enjoying the beauty of nature.

Spring blossom in Prague

Spring blossom in Prague

I am sure Prague is beautiful in all the other seasons too. During our trip it was raining a few times but it couldn’t spoil the impression. As soon as it started raining we immediately entered one of the numerous cafes, ordered coffee or hot chocolate and continued enjoying the city.

Although the trip was relatively short we decided to devote a whole day to another amazingly beautiful and special town called Český Krumlov. The day spent in that town will stick in our memory for a long time. We visited a lot of towns and villages but we never saw such a special, fabulously beautiful and photogenic place.

I took plenty of photos in Prague and Český Krumlov and I hope you will like them.

Český Krumlov

Český Krumlov

I hope my website will help you get acquainted with Prague and plan your own trip around the city. If you have already been to Prague let the website evoke your most pleasant memories.

So let’s start our trip.

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